The Nutrition Detectives

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Alternative Therapy / Medicine, Complementary Therapies, Holistic Therapies,

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Optimum digestion is essential to achieving health – and not just gut health! We offer exceptional digestive care through nutritional therapy, recipe advice and kinesiology health testing to establish deficiencies, toxicities and allergies. Modern diet and lifestyle can lead to digestion being impaired resulting in a myriad of health issues. Amy and Lise will be using their combined experience and expertise in the fields of nutritional therapy and kinesiology testing to assess, support and advise on a range of health issues, including: Intolerances/Allergies, IBS Reflux Gall Stones Constipation/diarrhoea Migraines/frequent headaches Fungal infections Water infections/thrush Eczema/psoriasis Anxiety/depression

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