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Mr Shift It

****REVIEW of MR SHIFT IT Pembrokeshire**** ok - Ive decided to give an account of our experience of using a local removal company. you can make your own mind up. We arranged for 'Mr SHIFT IT' to come round and give us a quote for moving. The boss Nigel came round and on first meeting seemed pleasant. He gave us a quote on the spot and we decided to go with him, as it was a local company and we wanted to support the local community etc. The arrangement was that the day before our move, he would come with someone else at 09:00 , So on that day, he arrived an hour late !! well - ok, these things happen - we decided to let that go. He actually left one guy on his own packing. and left ! then he came back and packed with the other guy, in total they packed 3 hours 30 mins...and loaded a lot of boxes into a van. We then had an in depth discussion with him about what time he should come on the day of the move, we agreed on 09:00 as we had to be out of the house by 12:00 ( including cleaning it etc) So , the next day arrives, we were up early and ready by 08:30 they did not turn up at 09:00, nor by 09:30, so we rang. spoke to a lady who informed us that she only answered the phone and that she wasnt aware of them needing to be with us at 09:00!! she said they would be on their way ! we waited again, and by 09:50 they still hadnt turned up, rang again and told they were on their way !! by now we were becoming rather anxious as we had only 2 hours to be out of the house !! eventually at 10:25, 2 guys turn up. BUT - in the same van they had the day before, which was almost full !! the guys came in and checked the house and stated that there was no way everyhing was going to fit in, so we had to ring the office AGAIN !! same lady answers. We ask to speak to Nigel, the boss !! who is obvious by his absence and the fact he cannot be contacted. !!! she says there is no other van !! WHAT !! we now have less than 1 1/2 hours to be out of the house and 2 guys on their own and a van too small for the job !! we spent ages trying to sort it out, and eventually got a call back from the lady in the office, saying that the only other van they had was on its way to another job and that it would have to be diverted to us, another wait !!! that van turned up at 11:15.. that gave us only 45 minutes to empty ALL the furniture from the house.. still no Nigel !! we were understandably furious, and he hadnt even bothered to ring us and apologise for 1) being late 2) not sending enough vans 3) ignoring our calls.. We would like to say that the 4 guys who turned up were brilliant !! Adrian, Paul, Tom, and we think Ash ?? they worked theirs bums off to get our stuff packed and safely loaded into the two vans. Thanks Guys - you were great, & Very difficult for them, and also embarrassing that their so called BOSS !! Nigel, left them to deal with his mess. We informed the guys about how unhappy we were with Nigel and that we felt the least he could do was ring and apologise, and that until he contacted us himself and discussed fees etc, we wouldn't pay.. (if you go for a meal and are not satisfied, you dont pay !!) After we had left the house and handed the keys in at the estate agents, we went for a cuppa as we were homeless.... Then - our phone rings, and its Nigel, the long lost Nigel from whom we had heard nothing all day- informing us that he intended to take ALL OUR BELONGINGS AND HAVE THEM RETURNED TO HIS LOCK UP, AND HE WOULD NOT LET US HAVE THEM !! to say we were shocked is an understatement... He said this was because he had been told we had said we refused to pay ( not QUITE what we said) He then slammed the phone down on my partner !! HOW PROFESSIONAL - NOT !! Ray rang back and informed him that we would not be paying before the job was complete, as that is standard, and we also told him that our annoyance was his lack of apology for a mess which he had created ! he had made what was already a difficult, tiring , stressful day, even more stressful !! So, following the threat of having all our belongings stolen (because that is what it would have been,) We didn't expect to have to ring the police on our moving day to ensure we got our belongings back from the removal company.Luckily Mr Shift it - Nigel, saw sense and didn't act out his threat..... we were less than happy. When you move, you do not want this type of incident, there are other companies out there, you may pay a little more for - but remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!!! The irony is the LOGO on your site CALM ???? REALLY ?????

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Mr Shift It

I booked Mr Shift it for a move from Stackpole to Windsor. Adrian came to look at what needed to be moved to confirm the size of van needed. The day before the move two men turned up to load the van, ready for a really early departure the following day. They were lovely, really helpful and took a lot of care placing breakable items in safe spots on the van. The next morning, two different men arrived in Windsor. They were particularly helpful in offering to help me to move items out of the garage and into the house (ie nothing to do with the move itself). So, I met five different members of staff, including the boss. All of them were lovely and went out of their way to help me. I will definitely use them again and would thoroughly recommend them. Also their price was very reasonable considering the distance.

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