How it works

Business owners or representatives

If your business appears within our directory, please claim and update your listing. To do this, search for your business, go to your listing page and click the image that says ‘Is this your business?’

Once we have approved your claim, you will have full control of your listing to update whenever you like. You can add lots more details, links and photos to your listing.

Updating your listing to include more information, links and photos and encouraging customers to review your business on our website will all result in lots of free exposure for your business. Businesses who update their listings get more free exposure throughout our website than businesses who don’t.

If your business does not appear in our directory and your business is based in one of the areas we cover (see the Directory page), you can add your business by going to the Add Business page and submitting your details. When approved, you will have full control of your listing to update whenever you like.

And remember, this is a completely free business directory service!

Customers and people searching for businesses

Currently, you can only search for businesses in the areas identified within the Directory page. Use that page to search for general categories of business, or use our search bar to search for general categories and for specific business names. You should be able to identify most of the businesses in your area within our directory – and once you have, please consider rating and reviewing the businesses you’ve used. Reviews are very important to your neighbours and visitors to your area so get reviewing, your community depends on you!